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McDole’s Gym is introducing a whole new way to train. Conveniently located in the heart of Winnipeg – Manitoba, and easily accessible on the new Rapid Transit route, we bring an environment of performance training to the public. Our spacious 10,000 square foot, newly renovated facility, offers the public an open training space, fully accessible change rooms, showers and lockers.

You will find an incredibly motivating and intense atmosphere; the best training equipment in the world; and some of the most educated coaches around! On top of that, members can expect to train alongside many pro athletes as well as many high school or university athletes trying to go pro! Whether your goal is to take part in personal training, group training, powerlifting, strongman, football, basketball, hockey, or other sports specific training the only way to reach your potential is to be in an environment where everyone has the same goal: to get better.


At McDole’s Gym we aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to train, that being said, this is why we have a variety of options available for new members.

At McDole’s Gym we offer:

   * Yearly Memberships

   * Monthly Paid In Full Memberships

   * Corporate Memberships

   * Special Services Memberships

Contact us at or call 204.453.3935 with any further inquiries

Continuing our tradition of offering some of the best performance training in Canada, here is a list of many of the Sport Specific training programs we offer:

* Xplode Football Off Season Strength and Conditioning
* Mini Xplode (ages 9-13)
* Hockey Off Season Strength and Conditioning
* Strongman Strength and Event Training
* Powerlifting and PowHERlifting
* MMA Strength and Conditioning
* Nation of Elevation Basketball and Volleyball Training
* ABSS Basketball speed training

Many other sports and options are available upon request. Contact Dave at or 204.453.3935

Poor, poor McDole.

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No, I don’t mean poor McDole because he’s now closer to his 40′s than anything else. And no, I refuse to mention his fancy white hi-lites in his goatee. I mean poor McDole because his birthday happens to be exactly one month after mine. So whatever he decides to post for my birthday I have exactly 30 days to find equally incriminating pictures of him.

Take this one for example. No, I wasn’t the only one showing off my body in my younger, thinner days. Here’s Chris with a lot more hair (nice mullet), and a lot less muscles…


As you can tell the strongman training did very well for him. Unfortunately his days of heavy lifting are going to have to come to an end, and he’ll have to focus on a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully when he looks like this…


…we’ll still have the great friend and leader we’ve come to know over the past decade.

Happy birthday Chris.

It’s That Time Again

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The yearly tradition of posting pictures about my best friend Dave Beakley is once again upon us.

This year I’d like to point out that we are slowly getting a little older, and subsequently the days of over eating and reveling in the moment that we were part of a special group of heavy squatters and benchers are now being replaced by trying to be “fit”. How long will this last before the call of hamburgers, milkshakes and ammonia salts gets back to us?? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I’d like to congratulate my now slimmer friend Coach beaks in losing 25lbs since just before Xmas break!!

He sent me this photo last night asking if the guy on the left or the right was hotter??


Happy Birthday “breh”

Christmas Wishes from McDole’s Gym

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This Christmas season I decided to ask some of my close friends and people who have been alongside and supported McDole’s Gym for a long time what they would like for this holiday season. You’ll find there’s more to some of Canada’s strongest people than slamming weights and hitting PR’s. Merry Christmas everyone, all the best!


Chris McDole- McDole’s Gym owner and president, strongman competitor


What’s on your Christmas wish list?

On my Christmas wishlist this year is to break the 315 standing strict barbell overhead press for a single.

From an equipment standpoint I have been drooling over the Sorinex Hurricane… which is kind of the bathroom buddy of training pieces. (If you don’t get the joke it’s in the 1984 Christmas classic Gremlins)


If you could give anyone anything for Christmas this year what would it be?

Although cheesy in it’s answer I always feel like you can’t give enough. McDole’s Gym donated 2 hampers this year, one to a family in need and it was a very uplifting experience. Coach Beaks and myself have been through some trials and tribulations over the past few years and if I could give anything it would have to be a warm thanks for the support we receive from our loyal customers. You guys are truly the best and are a huge part of our lives. We hope to give back to you guys by making your training goals our top priority and providing the best support in knowledge and equipment for our members.


Favorite Christmas treat/cheat?

Favorite Christmas cheat has to be anything with the word butter tart in it.


David Beakley- McDole’s Gym owner and vice-president, powerlifter


What’s on your Christmas wish list?

I’ve wanted a monolift for years, before I was even strong enough to use one. We had one almost in our grasp this past year, but it wasn’t meant to be. If one happens to show up on one of our platforms I’ll be happier than Rob Ford at an all you can eat buffet. Other than that I’m hoping to achieve my ellusive 600lb deadlift, and beyond all I’m looking forward to another prosperous year for McDole’s Gym.


If you could give anyone anything for Christmas this year what would it be?

My strength has never been expressing myself in person, but if I could I would love to be able to share my passion for lifting and knowledge of lifting with those looking to improve. There is such a wealth of knowledge and incredible lifters at McDole’s Gym and we’re truly blessed to have these people around us, it’s unfortunate not everyone gets that experience.


Favorite Christmas treat/cheat?

My mom has always made what our family has not so cleverly named Chocolate on my Peanut Butter. It’s basically a square of peanut butter with chocolate on top, a Reese Peanut Butter Cup with low self esteem pretty much.


Pam Bosko- Powerlifter, IPA World record holder


Whats on your Christmas Wish List?

I don’t typically ask for much, or anything at all for that fact.  This year, I’ve decided that I would like a sugar daddy who would pay for all my powerlifting pursuits, including expensive travel costs.  After not being able to attend meets that I would love to attend due to sky high travel costs being that I’m located in Winnipeg, a sugar daddy would be great.

In all seriousness, all I want for Christmas is a squat bar and deadlift bar.

In TRUE seriousness, I don’t want anything material for Christmas.  I just want to spend time with my family and enjoy the holidays with them.


If you could give anyone anything for Christmas this year what would it be?

…..monthly air tickets for Allison Lockhart and Liane Sabourin to fly to Winnipeg.  They are my femme fatale powerlifting friends from Alberta and I hate they live so far away.


Favorite Christmas treat/cheat?

For those of you that know me, this won’t be a surprise.  My favorite holiday foods are BAKED GOODS!!!!  Forget the egg nog, stuffing, ham, turkey, mashed potatoes but bring on the trays of dainties, squares and cakes.  My ultimate favorite is peanut butter marshmallow square.  I consider a 9 x 13 cake pan of it a single serving.


Lorraine Handley- Provincial and National Champion heavyweight bodybuilder

110604 Body Building 108.jpg

Whats on your Christmas wish list this year?

Training Goals for next year are the CBBF Nationals held in Laval in September in the hopes of achieving top 3 once again and possibly the North  Americans to be held in Boston.

Personal want is to have Women’s Bodybuilding continue as a sport.  This could possibly be our last year as a competitive sport as the IFBB has deemed us as not a valuable draw to audience.

The BIGGEST gift of all would be the first edition copy Stretching for Bodybuilders 101 by Chris McDole


If you could give anyone anything for Christmas this year what would it be?

The first gift and biggest gift from me would be to give my room mate Elaine the strength and focus to achieve her goal in competing at her first Special Olympic Powerlifting competition.  GO ELAINE GO!!!!

My second gift would be to find Sheri McKnight her Pineapple and Colleen Fitzpatrick her Donkey riding licence,  hahaha!!


Favorite Christmas treat/cheat?

Mmmmmmmm Christmas food…. where oh where do I begin except with the first smell of the day… fresh brewed coffee and cinnamon buns in the oven.

Although Christmas is without my parents to celebrate now, I will never forget the constant sneaking into the freezer after my Mom baked her shortbread and taking one (ok maybe two or three) and hope she wouldn’t notice .  I will also never forget watching my dad peel the apples to make his apple pie and trying trying trying to watch what his secret ingredient was as he patiently added everything to make the perfect pie.  After many years of pleading with him to tell me, he finally did…LOVE was the ingredient put into every pie he made.

On that final note, chicken and rice will NOT be served on Christmas day!!


Kyle Rayner- Strongman competitor (2nd pl Ontario’s Strongest Man, 8th pl Canada’s Strongest Man)


What’s on your Christmas Wish List this year?

goals for the new year- 400lb standing overhead

- 650raw squat

  • fix my si and get back pullin Dls

If you could give anyone anything for Christmas this year what would it be?

I would cut Coach Beaks ninja bun off. So I don’t have to hear my gf talk about how cool it is anymore


Favorite Christmas treat/cheat?

Dessert. Mountains of dessert!


Jenaya Hofer- IFBB Bodybuilder/Physique competitor


What’s on your Christmas Wish List?

Well like any other bodybuilder the #1 thing i wish for would be to burn fat and build muscle at the same,without having to do any cardio, and sticking to a strict diet… but since we do live in the real world here, I guess the main thing on my Christmas wishlist is a new suit for my upcoming show in May. Although I wouldn’t turn down a sick pair of Jordans or Lebrons :)


If you could give anyone anything for Christmas this year what would it be?

The one thing i would love to give is an all paid for Vacation to Chris McDole and Dave Beakley. You would have your choice as to where you would like to go and for how long (not forever tho… i would possibly start missing you.) But you guys have bent over backwards for me over the last couple years and done everything you can to help myself and every athlete that comes into McDoles gym to achieve their BEST.


Favorite Christmas treat/cheat?

Favourite holiday treat/cheat…. well lets start at the beginning with an appetizer, definitely a cheese bean dip with fresh bread.

Main course I love the typical turkey, stuffing, loaded mashed potatoes etc. And for dessert I’d have to go with some sort of fruit crisp

with ice cream or ANY cheese cake… I wouldn’t turn down ANY cookies either. And my favourite drink would have to be chilled Eggnog on ice with a little shot of Maple Whiskey, gotta celebrate the holidays. All that being said, I love all food and will devour ANYTHING :D .


Marshall Johnson- Powerlifter, grower of beard


What’s on your Christmas Wish List?

My training goals for 2014 are to squat 1100 and total 2600@275lbs! I want an Elitefts Mastadon Bar, a pair of Metal Squat shoes, and a new Metal Jack Pro Squat suit. All of these gifts will help me attain my goals in 2014!

Non lifting related I want a 1989 Dodge Ramcharger!


If you could give anyone anything for Christmas this year what would it be?

My gift would be a child to my wife.


Favorite Christmas treat/cheat?

My favorite Christmas cheats are dirt desert, turkey and mashed potatoes with a shit load of gravy, mountain dew, homemade hamburger and cheese dip, and my mother-n-laws homemade bread!


Paul Vaillancourt- Owner of Ultimate Fitness Gyms, Strongman competitor (Canada’s and World’s Strongest Man)


What’s on your Christmas Wish List?

I have asked Santa for a McDoles Gym membership! So I can be training partners with Jon Wade!

I also would like to get my DL up to 800lbs by the end of 2014, and my log press back in the mid 300’s by the time the snow melts in the spring.

I’ve been really good this year, so I hope at the very least, I get an Elieko powerlifting set!


If you could give anyone anything for Christmas this year what would it be?

I would give my wife an entire year off from work, so she could live and train like a pro athlete, in addition to prepping my meals, and looking after me full time.

I’d also give JOBS to all the people who are down on their luck. Whether it be homeless etc.  I think every able bodied person should have a job and be able to take care of themselves!


Favorite Christmas treat/cheat?

During the holidays, my momma makes a lot of sweets and baked goods.  My favorite item is her chocolate peanut butter balls.  She calls them “davey crockets”  for no reason that I’m aware of and they’re f***ing tasty.  I’m going to try and set a big PR and eat as many as I can this year! Of course the typical xmass dinner splurge of stuffing with the turkey and pies for desert are pretty standard, I eat the same sh!t everyday, all year, so it doesn’t take much to excite me when it comes to food porn.


Emily Potter- McDole’s Gym Athlete, University of Utah Utes Women’s basketball freshman


What’s on your Christmas Wish List?

On my Christmas list is just to be home with my family after being away at university, and as always GET JACKED. Training goal is to beat Dave in a plank competition because I think beating him in push-ups is a bit unrealistic with my limbs.


If you could give anyone anything for Christmas this year what would it be?

If I could give anyone any gift for Christmas I would give everyone the gift of height… Well only the people I like.


Favorite Christmas treat/cheat?

Fave holiday treat is chocolate truffles that I make myself, and ridiculous amounts of both of my grandmas cooking.


Top 7 Ab Exercises Nobody Cares About

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All to often I hear the question “Coach, whats the best ab exercises I can do?” One out of every 25 times I hear this I feel the person means they want stronger abs for something valuable. Unfortunately, the other 24 times I know they just don’t know how to ask “Coach, how do I get my abs to show.” As I’ve gotten older, and a little more tactful I no longer answer “Don’t be fat.” to the second group of people.

But simply put, you can google, bing, wiki, and youtube every ab exercise known to man, but if you’re carrying excess bodyfat, that desired six pack  will never come knocking at your front door. In 2009 I did a novice bodybuilding show, and in my five month preparation I did abs a max of 10 times. Sure, they were in my program, but I always neglected to do them because I had more valuable things to work on, and you know what, since I never missed a cardio session, and followed my diet, I had a ripped six pack on stage.

Why, might you ask are these the top seven ab exercises nobody cares about? Because nobody ever asks for ab exercises to help them improve their performance, and the following list is built exactly for that. I don’t care to do them for a six pack I can oil up in my bathroom while I take selfies to up my “likes” on Instagram. I do them to improve my overall core strength and performance.

So without further ado here are my top  7 ab exercises…

Don’t be fat. As mentioned earlier, the abs are already there, you’ve just put them in protective custody. Shed some pounds and they won’t be so shy. Remember that skinny kid in high school that never had A. a shirt on, B. any muscles, C. any body fat? Everyone called him “ripped” because he had abs. They’re there, just uncover them.

Years of neglecting ab work

4 months later, no ab work, no missed cardio or diet

Squat. This is always my go to answer when I want to be facetious, but in reality it’s truly one of the best things you can do for a strong core. When squatting, your abs (rectus abdominis, internal/external obliques) are used to stabilize your core to keep you erect (along with your erectors). Even squatting reps at a light weight will do more for your abs than a bunch of crunches.

Planks. Talk about bang for your buck… and no excuses to not do it. Don’t need a gym, equipment, or much time even! Just set up in the pushup position with the body’s weight supported with your forearms, elbows and toes. In doing so you’re using your erectors, rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis… with helps from your delts, traps, glutes, pecs and quads.

Weighted Crunches.Advantage of crunches over sit ups are that you’re focusing solely on your abdominals, and not recruiting any hip flexors or quads (which are already tight in most lifters and don’t need the extra work usually). Reason for doing them weighted is the same reason we bench press instead of doing pushups our whole life, eventually you need to add weight as the body will adapt to the work being done. Simply lay on the floor with a dumbbell on your chest, legs bent at the knees,, feet shoulder width and flat on the floor.Raise your head and shoulders from the floor to feel your abdominal muscles contract.

Weighted Crunch

Standing Cable Crunches.Position back against thigh pads on cable pull down with shoulders back and knees slightly bent. Place both cable ropes over your shoulders, hold them and pull tight. Flex at the waist so torso pulls forward and downward. Advantage here is the added resistance throughout each rep.

Cable Crunch

Hanging Knee Raise. Grab a pullup bar roughly shoulder width and hang from the bar with your knees together and bent at waist height. Turn your toes inwards. Now imagine you have no legs and try to tilt your pelvis as high as you can, by pulling your hips up and in, then lower knees back to waist level.

Ab Wheel Rollouts.Kneel on the floor (on a mat for comfort) and grasp the wheel. Position it near the front of your knees and lean over it with your arms straight. From here move your hips forward and extend your arms forward, try to roll out as far as possible. Raise your body back by flexing your hips and pulling your ass back, your arms will naturally move back to starting position. Don’t try to control the movement with your arms as you’ll get more lat and serratus work done than abdominal.

Ab Wheel Rollout

Beginner Squat Series Pt2

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How’s the squatting going? Lose the skinny jeans yet? For the sake of generations to come, let’s all hope so.  I know it may seem slow moving, and light weight at five to seven reps may seem like you’re going nowhere fast, where in reality you’re going somewhere great… just slowly. But you’re on the right path. Remember, anything gained quickly, is lost quickly. Let’s build a wide base and a tall tower.

This lil fella has it right

This lil fella has it right


Tip #1

Let’s start putting some weight on the bar. Those sets of five to seven need to be stepped up and now is the time to do it. Since you’ve been practicing on a box for quite some time now and know how to land gently, let’s up the weight and box squat. Set the box to 90 degrees or just below, and if your options are limited, lower is better than higher. You never know when you might compete in the IPF. What would be ideal here is to pick a tough weight that’d be very tough for five sets of five at a deep box squat where you “tap and go”.

**Tap and go meaning your ass taps the box and you come up with the weight.**

If you’ve made it through four sets and gotten all five, slightly increase the weight for the fifth set and hit your five reps. The following week increase your reps by about five percent and proceed the same.

Sit back… way back

Keys with the box squat:

Keep a vertical shin angle. Using the box allows you to sit back more than you usually would with a free bar squat. Get used to sticking that ass out. It’ll help you grow one.

Spread the floor. I also like to coach “press on the outside of your shoes” or “spread your knees”. This helps engage your glutes, which help with hip extension… this means more muscles helping you squat!

Drive your heels! Don’t roll up on to your toes and try to squat with your quads. They’ll be recruited as necessary, try to press your whole foot through the floor and use your hamstrings and glutes to extend your hips.


Tip #2

Have a higher rep day in your program with no box. I like to squat on my deadlift day, even if it’s just two or three sets. Take about 60-70% of what you’ve been using for your heaviest set of successful five reps and do it for two or three sets of 12 reps.

Familiarize yourself with proper depth without a box there to cue you when you’ve hit depth. Also start getting some reps to condition your erectors.

These reps will not only help you correct yourself as far as depth goes, but help build some mass on your stems. Nobody wants to walk around with legs looking like they should be hanging from a nest.


Tip #3

Train your low back! Every body new to squatting, or avoiding squatting is concerned with either their knees or low back. By sitting back we focus the bulk of the work to our posterior chain. In doing such, we take care of the knees. But what about our backs? We have to train them to prepare to be awesome (awesome = huge squat)!!

Start by doing either 45 degree or parallel back extensions with a long hold at the top, 6-8 seconds. Once you can successfully do three sets of 12 reps, start adding weight. I start most by holding a weight at their chest. Once they get to 25lbs or so, add a barbell to your back. If you have at your disposal use a safety squat bar, if not, get comfortable holding a regular barbell on your back.

Work up to three or four sets of eight to 12 sets of weight back extensions and watch your squat go through the roof! Generally when focussing on my squat my low back feels like (insert graphic adjective here) every day of the week. By the time it starts to feel better, I’m training it again.


Keep working hard. Remember, squatting cures 87% of the world’s problems.